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Charles I Declaration Groat - Oxford


Charles I declaration type Groat dated 1644, Oxford mint, mm floriated cross, Spink 2985.

Obverse: ·CAROLVS·D;G;M;B;F;ET·H;REX· bust left, crowned and mantled, plumes to left, [IIII to right].

Reverse: ·EXVRGAT·DEVS·DISSIPENTVR·INIMICI· surrounds, RELIG·PRO / LEG·ANG· / LIBER·PA· in three rows between two parallel lines. Plume above between two lis, ·I644· / ·OX· below.

Nicely toned with a super portrait, slight weaknesses to the legends, the IIII mark of value removed in antiquity - perhaps to try and pass the coin off at a higher value. Over all good Very Fine.

Weight: 1.87g, Diameter: 22.8mm.

  • Stock No.: L6198

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